Odd behavior on transferred accounts


Jul 7, 2007
I've just transferred a number of accounts off of a retired server, and all has gone smoothly with the exception of one, VERY minor, oddity.

When users (or I) go into their respective cPanel's, under Web/FTP stats > Bandwidth, there are no graphics for the daily and yearly bandwidth usage. They've simply disappeared.

Clicking on a particular month (say, this one), shows that their is accurate and up-to-date bandwidth data being displayed in the TABLE format, just no graphics.

[View source] on the bandwidth reporting page shows that their is no image referenced in the html at all for the "today" or "this year" sections.

No one has complained as of yet, but I feel that the graphic, especially the "today" graph, is very useful for users since it can allow them the opportunity to spot any potential D.O.S. attacks on their own site and block an IP if needed. I've used it myself for that purpose, seeing a gigantic spike at a particular point in the day is much easier with the graphic.

Very odd behavior, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it and might have a solution?:confused:


Staff member
Apr 24, 2009
regenerate .rrd files

You need to move the .rrd files for the account(s) with this issue and then regenerated.

mkdir -p /root/old/bandwidth

mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth/<user>*.rrd /root/old/bandwidth/
mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth/<domain>*.rrd /root/old/bandwidth/

/scripts/runweblogs <user>

Once completed the graphs should be displayed. If not then please open a ticket.