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Feb 19, 2003
Norman, OK
All I have to do to crash one of our servers is to simply load up WHM. The server goes hard down, can't be pinged, nothing logged to the messages log, server just straight up dies whenever WHM is accessed via root or a reseller. For the time being I have blocked port 2086/2087 on the server to prevent it from crashing. I have searched the forums and was not able to find anyone with a similar problem.

Is there a resolve for this? Is it known how the problem comes about? It didn't use to do this, and there have not been any updates to the server in a few days.

Running CentOS 3.4.

When attempting to run upcp the server crashes after the final line here:

Found hostname to be, which resolves to host.ip.add.ress
Hostname Virtual Host is already setup
PHP version file is up to date
Ftp Quota Check v1.0
Updating username:test....Done
Doing a manual update...
Cpanel updates are coming from
Locking password for user daemon.
passwd: Success
All RPMs are up to date.

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