Dec 27, 2004
Ok, this is rather odd. (on a shared IP, no SSL installed) is getting redirected to

Now port 19638 is Ensim. I have cPanel on my server.

Steps taken to check settings for domain:
1. no domain redirects setup for this addon domain (as it is setup as addon in cpanel)
2. dns zone fine (checked httpd.conf, even deleted/readded)
3. traceroute points back to server correctly
4. removed addon (and directory via ftp) and readded
5. /scripts/rebuildnamedconf
6. /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf

DNS stuff shows dns perfectly fine, ping fine. Whois record shows that the registrar has not even updated the whois of the new dns information yet (account moved from one cpanel server to another last week - successfully).

So, just to clarify, it is obviously not my end but the registrar somewhere along the lines correct?

The domain has no SSL installed to it in the first place, no redirects setup either.