OK here it is, took me longer since i had to....


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Nov 9, 2001
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design a site and put it up and all. it\'s going to host scripts that will help the webhosting unix admins out. I hope the script isnt buggy and no making fun of my programming skills :) This is my first perl script thats longer than 3 lines. You can check it out at http://Shaun.EthernetNetworks.com

Right now their is only 1 script that has been released. It\'s a mail queue monitoring script. There is also a script under devel called filemonitor. Read up on them their.

Enjoy, Let me know if you find any weird ass bugs or somthing isnt working right. Also let me know if grammer and **** is wrong, i wrote the README and README section in the script in like 2 minutes :D