Ok I'm looking for a good dedicated host.


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Feb 8, 2002
Boston MA
Right now I have a server through a data center which I feel has lied from day one. First they say they would give me a 1ghz machine. Then I see it's a 750mhz. I confront them and they say it was a misconfiguration in linux. I myself have never seen this so I knew they were lying but I let it go. The speeds have always sucked and hardly go over 130kb so I'm guessing their only a T1. Needless to say one day their power went out at about midnight. I called them off the hook and at first it would ring and ring with no answer. Then the answering machine picked up right away. So they must have shut their phone off. Finally at about 7am I get through to them and they fix the problem within minutes. They say a new generator screwed up. Well every now and then there are some 5-10 minute outages. Like hardcore lag you wouldn't beleive. The only reason I chose this provider was they gave unlimited IPs and unmetered bandwidth. I needed the unlimited bandwidth as I don't want to pay for anything over my limits. I made them put that right on the contract. So any ideas for a new host where I can get a server for 200$ or less. Right now I have a 750mhz, 512mb ram, 40gb hard drive. I pay 120$ for the box and 75$ for the cpanel lisence. So I'm only looking to spend like 120$ on the box and then 75$ for the lisence. I really can't stay with this provider. Today I updated cpanel and the box crashed or something. I called and got a messaged saying to email them cause their phone system is fucked up. So I emailed and still no response. Here it is an hour later. Please help me guys.


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