Old deleted emails being resent after account moved


Oct 10, 2013
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I've got a very unusual problem, which I've never come across before, and my searches have so far not come up with a solution.

I moved a cpanel account from one server to another at the weekend. It had been working perfectly fine, and I assumed it was working fine after the move.

However I got an email this morning from the client saying they were receiving really old emails that had been deleted (over 10,000 of them). Currently they are using 5GB of space now and its growing rapidly because of this problem, soon its going to impact on my other accounts on that server unless I can find a solution.

It's only affecting 2 email accounts, and the other accounts I moved at the weekend have been totally successful with no issues. All of my clients use IMAP and Dovecot is running on the server.

The server they have moved to has been running without issues for several years and no config changes have been made.

I'm at a loss to work out what has happened. My first thought is to do a search in the mail directories and manually removed any emails marked for deletion, but I'll be honest I'm not sure what to search for.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Were you able to confirm the emails were deleted successfully? If IMAP was used, the messages should have also been removed from the server when the client removed them in their email client. Check the mail directories in /home/$username/mail/$domain.com/email-account to see if the emails stil exist.

Thank you.