old version of oscommerse not compatible with php5

glen s

Sep 18, 2007
Hi there.

Im not sure if these questions really relate to cPanel but....

since my hosting provider upgraded to php/mysql 5 my oscommerce site has stopped working.

Does anyone have any sugguestions of what steps i can take to rectify this problem. Is there simply a line of code i can add somewhere?

One more question....

One of the zip files (products) on my other site (zen cart) wont download. It is no larger than the other zip files.
when i click on the download link after making a test purchase i get a 404 page not found!

I think it has something to do with the time the server takes to run a script on the file. I am using a mac and the only thing i can think of is that the hidden files created by mac are slowing down the time it takes for the server to execute this script. Thus getting a 404 msg.

Is there a quick and easy way to view/hide/delete these hidden files?

However my theory might be a load of rubish as im not very knowledgable on this sort of thing.

any sugguestions would be great.



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Jan 24, 2005
The osCommerce issue is not related to cPanel. I suggest you to search the osCommerce website/forums (also with your host) to check whether the old version of Oscomm. is compatible with PHP5. Also make sure you provide as much info (ex. error messages) as you can so that people those who already have gone through such a phase can provide you some sort of solution.

Regarding the zip file issue, the error "404 page not found" states that, when you click the link, the zip file is not at the correct location where it should be according to the code you have written.

The second issue you mostly need to ask your host to check as you do not have root access to the server.


Oct 16, 2004
glen s,

What error is occuring in your site?

Like Shekhar said, the best option is ask about this problem in osCommerce forum.