Mac McCabe

Feb 23, 2003
Hi one and all,

I am in the process of getting everything put together (hardware) wise for an installation of cPanel/WHM within the next month and am also considering getting Sun1 ASP (aka Chili ASP) and ColdFusion MX server.

My question with regards this if anyone uses these add-ons for their server and cPanel is: How do you assign ASP / ColdFusion support usage within individual accounts within cPanel or rather WHM (if at all possible), or would this need to be done manually at the command line or would these add-ons come with a UI that controls all of this.

The reason I ask is because it would be my plan to charge a small fee for its use and as such would not want all accounts to have these facilities by default.

Not really used ASP or ColdFusion myself, although our Cobalt RaQs came with the Chili ASP pre-installed that worked fine...

Any experience of these apps with cPanel/whm would be very much appreciated.