one access/skin for customer, another for administrator?


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Mar 25, 2002
I just thought of something that would be a very cool CPanel feature - couldn't find any threads that have discussed this (which doesn't mean they don't exist, of course...)

Is it possible to allow a hosting customer to be able to login to their Cpanel and see one skin (eg. a cut-down version offering basic options), and for an administrator (that's me) to be able to login to the same Cpanel but with a different server-wide or account-specific admin username and password and see _all_ the CPanel features/functions via the advanced skin?

AFAIK, if I decide to give my customers only a basic Cpanel skin, then the only way right now for me to be able to access their advanced CPanel settings would be to first change the skin for their account in WHM and then login as them.

Comments anyone? Thanks. :) Support Ticket Number:


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Mar 19, 2003
This currently isn't available in Cpanel at this moment, however we're working on a Feature so this will be available for our Theme Changer. Which will allow you to Turn on / Turn Off skins on what skins that the users will beable to choose between etc in CPanel. I do believe for Nick to do this it would be rather difficult as he would have to disable it for some resellers. If you want just give one customer access just simply choose the skin and don't choose it for anyone else and no one else will use it. Unless you're also talking about root users. Support Ticket Number: