One cpanel account hacked , hacker got access to all other accounts


Jan 24, 2014
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Last few days were full of headache for me. On one of my servers someone uploaded few files in 755 permissions directory on one client's account.
He changed its .index file.

But more problematic situation is that he got access of all other accounts on server and modified the databases all over the server.

Specially, the user accounts of wordpress sites changed to admin all accounts under all databases on server.

I want ask that how I can prevent this in future as if any account got hacked he should not access other accounts information or access to database and files.

All accounts on my server using latest version of wordpress and plugin installed as we specially take care of it. All accounts using premium themes not any nulled or cracked theme or plugin.

On the account where hacker got access was none wordpress site and he was not able to access that account's database.

Now what I did is find all uploaded files, deleted them, changed cpanel passwords, change root password, permission on the folder from where hacker uploaded the files is secured.

What more should I do. and what should I do to stop this in future.



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Oct 20, 2009
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Sounds 100% like a symlink hack. Default cPanel apache config lets you symlink to all the other users wp-config.php files and get the DB credentials to carry out this kind of hack.

Protect yourself. I recommend cloudlinux with securelinks/cageFS, however, in most cases the rack911 or easyapache ("bluehost") patch will do. If you opt for the bluehost / EA patch be sure you're using SuPHP or you'll break a lot of stuff.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

In addition to the recommendations from the previous post, the "Security Advisor" option in WHM is a good tool to start with:

cPanel - Security Advisor

Thank you.