One domain and multiple servers


May 31, 2003
I tried some searches but l couldn't get what I am looking for.
If someone knows any related threads, please redirect me.

Let's say you have
a domain "domain.tld"
and two cpanel servers(serverA and B)
under DNS clustering.

First, create an account "sub.domain.tld" on the server A.
Then you create an accout "sub.domain.tld"(the same domain) on the server B, you'll be able to create the account without any alert, but the DNS entry of the domain will be rewrited and be pointed to the server B.

Is there anyway to avoid this?
If there is already the same domainname setup in the cluster, I just like to know it's there and not to override.



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Jun 15, 2002
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If you're going to use cPanel's DNS clustering, then you cannot select which zones you want to replicate and those you don't. If you want to have a different zone file on each server, then you're going to have to stop using cPanel's DNS clustering and setup a traditional primary/slave DNS configuration and not replicate that one zone between to two servers.

However, I have to ask, why would you want to do this? You most certainly should not have anything but identical zone files on a primary and a secondary name server, so why are you trying to configure separate zone files? Or is that just for local resolution and you're actually using a zone file on another DNS server for the publicly viewable zone resolution?


May 31, 2003
Thank you for your reply.
You asked me why I'm trying to configure separate zone files, but my point is a little bit different from that.

If there is a domain already setup within cluster servers, I just like to REALIZE it when I try to create an account using the same domain.

Let's say I already have a client using subdomain "client.myhost.tld".
At a later date, if some other client ordered an account with the very same domain, I mighnt not remember that the subdomain is taken.
With every order, if I strictly check if a subdomain is taken, the problem will be solved, but I just looked for something better than that.