One IP dedicated and SSL certificate issue


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Dec 21, 2010
When it comes to this question all I hear is to go and get yourself another IP. I have a server with 1 IP, I will have only one domain. My cpanel installed in

I do not have any issue right now and am usign my site.

Now I need to install SSL certificate for my main domain

How can I install the SSL without buying additional IP. It is common where in this country to get only 1 IP per server. Not all countries are like US where you can buy as many IP as you want and pay for it.

""""""The provider installs it for me but I will need to pay a service fee because I did not buy the certificate from them. and they server is unmanaged"""""

I am fine paying them to install it for me but they do not work with cpanel they do it without cpanel

My question:

Is it OK to ask them to install the SSL certificate outside of the cpanel? I mean by SSH? Won't there be any issue? later?

They won't even know I have a control panel in my server . It seems they only administer servers without a control panel what they do is to connect through ssh and finish the job

IS it oK if I ask them or does it need to be installed inside cpanel?
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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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You can install an SSL certificate if you only have one IP address on your server. It will become a shared SSL certificate, used by all sites on that IP address (and hence all sites on your server). Use Main >> SSL/TLS >> Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain in the WebHost Manager, and enter nobody in the User field instead of the cPanel account user. This will install the certificate, and it will be used by all sites using that IP address.

This is preferable to installing the certificate manually. If your host installs the certificate manually, we will not be able to support the Apache configuration, and there is a chance that you could even forget what was done in the future. We recommend using the above procedure to install the certificate using the WebHost Manager.