One of my users wants a second root FTP acct.


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Oct 20, 2002
As the title suggests, I have a user who is hosting through us. He is allowed 2 addon FTP accounts. He said he wants one FTP account to be created so that it has his virtual directory root access. Meaning, someone else can login and update his website, etc.

I informed him of the security risks, but he insists there must be a way. For now I told him I would look into it more (which I'm doing now) and that he could if he really wanted grant whoever he wants his root account.. which again is a bad idea because this opens him up to everything.

So, my question is just this, is there any way for him.. or at least for me to create him an FTP account that will allow the user to have access to his root dir, and most importantly his public_html dir?

Any advice is good advice, and if it isn't possible at least I can forward him the information. Thank you!


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Oct 1, 2001
When creating the FTP user via the control panel you can specify a single '/' that will allow the user to access everything (and including) public_html.

This has been available in the CPanel supplied skins for sometime. If you are not seeing it then you may be using a skin that hasn't got it included (contact the author) or you haven't updated CPanel to a release version in some time.