One users Inbox emails disappear from IMAP client but are still visible in /cur

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CloudLinux: 7.8
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May 21, 2014
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I have one user who's Inbox emails have "disappeared" for the second time from IMAP clients and webmail. The first time they "just came back" after a while. This time it has been 3 hours now and we still can't see the Inbox emails in any IMAP client or webmail.

Looking in their /cur directory I can see 3585 emails and can open and read any I select. They all have the correct permission:

-rw-r----- 1 username username

But don't show in any client or in webmail.

This user did go over quota yesterday but I have now increased their quota to see if that resolves it. Even if it does which it hasn't yet. They aren't the only customer who is incapable of ever deleting emails so it is odd it only happens for them.

Is there anything I can check to see why this happening or anyfurther information I can provide to help fault find?

Dovecot version: 2.3.8

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Nov 14, 2017
Is anything of note reported n the maillogs at /var/log/maillog for the user? Do you know if you're using maildir or mdbox for their mail? Maildir is the default and you may want to run the following if you're using it:

/scripts/remove_dovecot_index_files --user $USER
Which causes the dovecot index files to be regenerated