Oops. Mail authentication / general questions.


Mar 24, 2004
Good morning folks,

I have a few quick questions.
Recently I removed an account (manually) from my system as killacct wasn't working. Rather than take the easy way (fixing it's entry in userdomains / trueuserdomains) I decided I'd be all gunho about it and delete it manually.

I got everything to the point where I could safely re-add the domain name to the system without it erroring out but there are still references to the old username on the system.

I changed the username a bit. The old one was doss whereas the new one is dosscom as it was still erroring.

My question is where are the pop3 details for usernames held? I've removed all references to the old domain but I still can't get new accounts created to properly authenticate with IMAP locally.

I was in /etc/exim/authtab and the old domain was referenced there. Silly me I removed the entry for the old one.. thoughts?

I'm just trying to clear out the old usernames references and get the new one functional. All that seems to remain as a problem is the mail authentication.