OpenPGP Assistance Please


Sep 30, 2006
Hi. Many times, people have asked about the OpenPGP support of cPanel. Thus far, the only answers I have found are examples in the way people use it (i.e. "we use it to encrypt credit card information for email"), but nothing about how to use the keys once generated, etc. If someone is willing to help me out on this, I'd be greatly appreciated.

Let's take the credit card example from above. Say I want to use cPanels PGP functions to encrypt emails sent to me from a shopping cart script. I log in to cPanel and generate (or import) a key pair. Now what? How do I get the keys in cPanel to encrypt communication coming from the account?

Finally, and most importantly, is there a way to utilize the keys in webmail?

I appreciate the real-world examples, but without some information on how to implement those examples, I'm stumped.

Thanks, folks, for your help.
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