Nov 27, 2005
I'm trying to import a public key and I get the following error:

[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]

I've successfully imported keys in the past, but that was about a year ago and the server has changed since then (virtually hosted). I also can't get it to create a key.

The .gnupg directory exists and contains files for the keys that are currently in the system. The timestamps don't change when I try to create or import keys. The folder is set to 777.

My hosting Support is almost impossible to reach. What should I do in the meantime to fix this myself, if possible? Thanks!

EDIT: I tried this on another account hosted by a different company and I'm getting the same error. This server hadn't used any PGP keys at all, and when I attempted to import the key it created the directory (700) and a few files inside it (all 600). gpg.conf has content but pubring.gpg and secring.gpg are both empty. All files have today's timestamp. So it created the files but didn't add anything. I also tried to create one in cPanel and it said it was a success but nothing happened. Thoughts?
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