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Feb 8, 2002
Boston MA
openssh-3.4p1 is out as the topic says.

Anybody know when redhat will release RPMs? I don't want to compile from source and screw up cpanel.

I tried compiling from source on my local system and it didn't work as planned.

sshd -version reports 3.4 but when you connect it reports 3.1.

Not sure what's with that.

Nick any idea when we can expect an update?


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Dec 21, 2001
Any chance we can get the latest verson soon?


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May 23, 2002
Welcome to the world of RedHat

RedHat generally does not release the latest version of software when a security problem is found. Instead, they patch the current stable version and release that in RPM form. The advantage of this is that the older version has undergone more testing, and is less likely to have other side effects that aren't found until days or weeks later.

I've used OpenSSH 3.3 and 3.4 on other boxes, and there are several bugs that aren't really fully worked out. Some clients cannot connect to servers running their priv-seperation code (including people using Mac-SSH for OS9) and it's become a bigger headache than just using the RedHat release.

openssh-3.1p1-6 is the current RedHat release and it should be at least as secure as the official 3.4p1 release. This is the version that CPanel updated to.

- Jason