Optimising cPanel full backup


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Oct 22, 2010

i have set from WHM cPanel backup to run every other day. In fact only 50% of accounts needed to be backed up so often..

Size of Hosting accounts: 20GB, Size of Mysqls: 10GB

Backup time & Downside: 14 hours and load goes sometimes too high so websites loading very slow.

I have enabled:
- Incremental
- Compression (gzip)
- Backup accounts
- FTP backup
- Backup Access Logs
- MYSQLBackup Per Account and Entire MySQL Directory
- Retention Weekly

What should i do in WHM to decrease backup time and load?


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Oct 2, 2010
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The one feature that I could think which would probably result in a far lower time for the backups to complete would be the following in WHM > Backup > Configure Backup area:

EXPERIMENTAL: Use Hard Links for weekly and yearly backups to reduce disk usage and backup time.
It is an experimental feature, so we are still seeing how it works for customers, but it would definitely reduce the amount of time needed for the backup to run. Also, please note that the text is incorrect and will be fixed in a future version. Right now it has "weekly and yearly" and it should be "weekly and monthly" instead.