Optimization: How to safely clean partitions?


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Nov 6, 2010
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I am thinking of a new feature for cPanel about a script to remove old Kernels. Ubuntu has it so I dont see any problem here. The thing is if we want to optimize cPanel this could be done every time the kernel is updated. Also for /tmp files

Right now I have a question.
What elements in tmp can I safely delete?
is it safe to delete fcgid.tmp.xxxx old files?
is it safe to delete cpanel_easy-xxxxxxxxx file?
is it safe to delete which files?

/tmp is almost 80% full all the time, even restarting the server or flushing caches, etc.


Jeff Shotnik

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Oct 10, 2012
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Yes, it is safe to delete those files. How large is your /tmp partition? If it's 1GB, you're likely to always see it above the 80% mark as many different services use tmp for temporary files. It's okay if /tmp is pretty full, but if you see that one cPanel user is consuming most of the space with php session files you can adjust their scripts to use a local temp directory with a php.ini.

Regarding kernel updates and removing old kernels - be sure to leave at least one older kernel just in case something goes wrong with the running kernel.