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Jul 31, 2004
I have a feeling one of my clients enabled Optimize EIDE Hard Drives, on their system. The client claims that the system keeps crashing, which is one of the things with Optimize EIDE Hard Drives. Is their anyway to disable this thing? I know cpanel is realy built on writing to files, so what file do i write to, and what do i write to it to disable this beast?


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Jun 15, 2002
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Unless the disks are non-DMA drives (i.e. ancient) enabling the option in cPanel should really not cause any problems unless the drives themselves are faulty. You can disable it using hdparm (man hdparm) for an idea of what cPanel sets, have a look in /scripts/hdparmon - it's usually much more likely to be something like having the laus (audit) rpm installed when you get servers crashing.


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Dec 21, 2001
Not just the drive itself, but the IDE cable hooking it up must support the feature. Normally, on a newer OS, the kernel will pick up on this at the start ( if configured to do so ) and will enable it if needed. If the server's been fine witout it, check the /etc/rc.local file and ensure that any reference to hdparm and or hdparmify etc are removed or commented out, then restart. If the problem persists, then that was likely not the cause of the crashes.