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Aug 6, 2018
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sorry if this like nobe questions, need to learn many.

My server configuration

CPU E3-1246 v3
32 GB DDR3
480 GB ssd os
2*3TB raid 0
cpanel latest version
kernal care
litespeed 1core

Issue is we had only 4 domains on this server as of now, one domain has high traffic of 65K visits which we moved to this server from other provider, now on e3 the site went down after reaching 13k visitors even all 4 websites got down.

there is no lve limit for that domain on no limits
litespeed max connections is of 1lkh

do i need to change any setting to handle more visitors, and none of the server resources are high all of them are below 10% even load i less than 5%.

so why it can't handle many users,

script is basic php with small db