Optimize Statistics Configuration (Awstats) for Minimum Server Load


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Feb 17, 2012
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Hi, we have a VPS with 20-30 mostly WordPress or Joomla sites. Our server has problems peaking and losing connection (host says memory overload, but sometimes CPU). Most of our sites are very low traffic, though.

But we want to have Awstats (and/or other statistics) running so we can troubleshoot when we get spikes. We won't be checking them often or for marketing purposes, as most sites run Google Analytics for that.

So I just need help understanding the best way to set the configuration in WHM so that the statistics are accurate when we need them (though they may only be checked once in a great while) but utilize minimum resources on our server.

We're probably mostly concerned with Awstats, so not sure if disabling others helps anything.

Some specific questions:

1) What does Log Processing Frequency and Bandwidth Processing Frequency affect? Is it how finely detailed the stats will be or just how quickly you'd be able to view them?

2) How best should the Configure Statistic Process Time Schedule be set? We do run backups in the middle of the night. I can probably see what timeframe they usually take up.

3) Anything I should set in the 'Tweak Settings > Stats and Logs' screen? Everything is defaults right now.

4) Should I disable Analog or Webalizer? If they could be helpful and not affect server adversely, I'd like to keep. If info is redundant with Awstats or they tax server we can disable.

Anything I should be aware of would be appreciated.