Option in exim.con that makes the quota exceeded emails not to be delivered?


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Sep 3, 2006
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Hello what option to put in exim.conf so the email for a mailbox that have exceeded its quota not to be queued ? I have a lot of bounced email that is for a SPAM folder. The option in WHM to discard email that have exceeded their quota is enabled but seems this do not works.



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Aug 10, 2002
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Sorry, didn't see where this was talking about individual mailboxes.

If a mailbox is full, the best bet is to just remove the mailbox quota completely. I don't know of any reason where a mailbox quota helps in any situation. The only way it will help is by keeping an account from reaching its overall quota if a mailbox exists on an account that is not being regularly checked. If a mailbox is not regularly being checked, then there's really no reason to have the mailbox set up in the first place.

Atleast that's my opinion.