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Jan 6, 2004

is it ok to upgrade the OS? for example I ahve CentOS 3.x and I want to upgrade to the latest 4.x, will this create any problems or compatibility issues with cpanel?

how would you do the upgrade? "yum upgrade" myabe?

are there anything I have to watch our for? or any steps I have to do pre or post for the upgrde?



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Mar 25, 2005
Nevada, USA
CentOS 3.x to 4.x upgrade

I am in the same boat. I wanted to upgrade a server from 3.8 to the newest 4.x. I researched the upgrade path on the centos site and their recommendation is to download the lastest ISO, burn to CD, and do a full installation. There is really clear and concise directions on the CentOS website about performing an upgrade using YUM, but again, they highly discourage using this method.

I have tried to Yum Upgrade path on a test server in the office and it was pretty messy. I am going to restore a previous image back onto the test server and see how upgrading from the CD goes. Only caveat with the test server is that it DOES NOT have cPanel installed.

Please check the CentOS site for full information.