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Other software that can be used with cPanel ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 4u123, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. 4u123

    4u123 Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2006
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    I've been looking for commercial addons and other software that we can use with cpanel to extend our service provision. So far I've come across nothing new at all.

    The only developers I know about that have done anything useful for cpanel are Configserver (Goes without saying) - Rvskin and Netenberg. We use the RV Sitebuilder and Fantastico products which are both great. ASSP Deluxe is pretty good too.

    Other than the usual collection of hosting billing systems, there seem to be no other developers writing addons or other software than can enhance or integrate with cPanel.

    During my search I found an article in the cpanel blog page about their training seminar 2007. It says this.......

    I must be looking in the wrong places because I cant find anything else useful at all, apart from the occasional, non commercial community supported scripts you see in these forums. I certainly havent seen a "vast array of software".

    Where are these other "software partners" hiding ? Perhaps they are shy.
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  2. cPanelKenneth

    cPanelKenneth cPanel Development
    Staff Member

    Apr 7, 2006
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    Root Administrator
    Try PMing cPanelDavidG, he maintains a list of such. Or he might answer in this thread in a few minutes ;)
  3. cPanelDavidG

    cPanelDavidG Technical Product Specialist

    Nov 29, 2006
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    Houston, TX
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    Root Administrator
    Software partners are essentially companies we have partnered with with to bundle their software with ours. You can find a website with information about these companies and the software they make at:

    Billing applications, there are plenty. Here's my current list:

    Commercial Applications (Listed Alphabetically)

    * Account Lab Plus -
    * Advanced Webhost Billing System (AWBS) - (Formerly: DRAMS)
    * Blesta -
    * ClientExec -
    * HostAdmin - (Requires purchase of add-on module to work with cPanel/WHM)
    * iHost -
    * iPanel -
    * Logicbill -
    * PhpHostBot -
    * Platypus -
    * Ubersmith -
    * Whois.Cart -
    * WHM AutoPilot -
    * WHM Complete Solution -
    * WHN Billing Professional -

    Free Applications (Listed Alphabetically)

    * Auto Host Manager (AHM) -
    * FastPay -
    * phpCOIN - (Requires add-on module to work with cPanel/WHM)
    * Solid-State - (Requires add-on module to work with cPanel/WHM)

    There are also *many* third party applications that plug-in to cPanel/WHM, most of which have posted to this forum at some point.

    There's all kinds of third party software available including backup software that goes far above and beyond what we offer, software to administer multiple cPanel/WHM servers, CMS Integration, proxying utilities (though such capabilities are now natively incorporated into the EDGE build ), Spam protection software as you mentioned, third party themes and website template software.

    Just drop me an email to if you need a list of any of these applications :).
  4. dgerik

    dgerik Registered

    May 20, 2004
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    Dallas-Fort Worth
    Post it here


    Might you post the 3rd party Apps listing here, that way it will benefit all...

    I know for one, I'm very interested in seeing this...

  5. cPanelDavidG

    cPanelDavidG Technical Product Specialist

    Nov 29, 2006
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    Houston, TX
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    Root Administrator
    Sure, well keep in mind these lists constantly change so drop an email to if you come across this thread in the future and desire up-to-date information. Note, the listings are alphabetical as not to give any preference. Being listed here and in my notes does not constitute any endorsement: explicit nor implied.


    * CPSkins - Auto-Installer
    * Fantastico -
    * Installatron -

    Backup Utilities

    * BackMeUp (Also known as Smarter Backup)
    * CP Site Saver (Backup cPanel accounts to local machine)
    * CDP by R1Soft (Real-time backup software)
    * Migrate Me (Reliable migration among cPanel/WHM servers)

    Centralized Multi-Server Management

    * WHM Admin -
    * Easy cPanel -

    CMS Integration: Drupal

    * CEMail - Integrates Drupal's creation/removal of email listing with cPanel/WHM's email accounting system.

    Firewall Software

    * ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) -

    Master Reseller Capabiitities

    * ResellWHM -
    * WHMreseller -

    Proxy Utilities
    Note: soon to be outdated as we are testing such functionality in EDGE at this time.

    * cPanel Proxy -|
    * JAP4Cpanel -

    Spam Protection Software

    * ASSP Deluxe, Interface to ASSP through cPanel/WHM -
    * ASSP X, Interface to ASSP through cPanel/WHM -

    Third Party Themes
    Commercial Themes Available From:
    * CPSkins -
    * Cpanel XP -
    * Pixel by Pixel -
    * Razor Skins - (WHM & Squirrelmail skins)
    * RVSkins -
    * Style Smooth -

    Free Themes Available From:
    * CKIN -

    Website Template Systems
    Bundled with cPanel 11

    * SohoLaunch Pro Base -

    Commercial Templating Systems Compatible to cPanel/WHM (Listed Alphabetically)
    * Click Be! -
    * RVSiteBuilder -
    * Site Builder CX -
    * Site Reptile -
    * SiteBuilder by Parallels -
    * SiteZen -

    Misc. Utilities

    * EasycPanel, multi-account management -
    * Easy Domain Creator, easily create domains and subdomains by entering a list of domains in a text box -
    * LiteSpeed Web Server -
    * LogView, cPanel/WHM Log Viewing Utility -
    * MyPassword, End-user password reset utility for providers with many cPanel/WHM servers -
    * Slim Clean, Demonstration of using user-side CSS to customize the X3 theme -
    * WHMEZLogin, easy to have multiple root logins -
    * WHM Shoutcast Admin -
    * WhmXtra, extends functionality of WHM -

    Where to get Hosted cPanel Demos & Tutorials

    * CheapDemos -
    * cPanel Demos -
    * DemoDemo - (used by most of our customers)
    * OnlyDemos -


    I would prefer to make this list as complete and as accurate as possible. If you know of any products that are no longer available or know of any product that works with cPanel/WHM and I did not list, please post a reply to this thread so I can ensure my information is up-to-date.

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