out of memory error. Seems false


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May 15, 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Recently been getting tons of these that dont stop:

Out of memory: ⚠ A process was terminated because the system is low on memory.

It's an 8 core VPS with 8GB Memory. I then decided to increase memory to 12GB - no change then to 16GB still the same.

What is weird is the free memory in top and free -m is still very good. Usually 11GB free. So I'm a bit lost why its saying system is low on memory.

Now we use Cloudlinux on our servers and if increase the memory allwance to PMEM in LVE say from 256M to 512M or from 512M it matches this in /var/log/messages:

Feb 8 18:30:53 lin02 kernel: Memory cgroup out of memory: Kill process 869893 (php) score 32 or sacrifice child
Feb 8 18:30:58 lin02 kernel: memory: usage 524288kB, limit 524288kB, failcnt 145009

Somehow when that is viewed I think cpanel sais out of memory because of the word "memory" - is cpanel's script just grepping for word memory?

I even purchased Litespeed out of desperation and installed that again with no change so I'm thinking the "the system is low on memory." message is generic and false?

Any idea?


May 12, 2015
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As per my experience cloudlinux wont increase or decrease tge memory in php.ini

Am getting also errors in wordpress.

How to fix:

Only for selected users:
Create a php.ini file in public_html and increase the memory frim there. Google "increase memory php.ini"

2. For whole sites:
Edit php.ini in Server and increase it from there.

Edit: or the server is oversold.