outbound mail filter not working


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May 27, 2006
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Hi, I wonder if someone can help.

Scenario: We use WHMCS and a client has requested not to receive certain emails. WHMCS nas no way to disable a specific email to a specific recipient. I can disable a specific email, for everyone though, but not for a single client.

At the same time, certain senders who send proof of payments, send the proof of payment emails from a "noreply" email, resulting in the ticket reponse emails to always generate mail delivery reports.

What I want to do:
1) Filter outbound email from our WHMCS domain to this client (and other with the same request) blocking the emails he doesn't want to receive.

2) Filter outbound emails to certain banks and other senders with a "noreply" email address.

What I tried, without success:
1) In cPanel > Email Filters > "Manage Filters" next to the support department email (same email that's setup in WHMS > Setup > General Settings > Email), I have added the following:
  • Filter Name: WHMCS
  • Rules: I selected "Subject" and "contains" in the 2 drop downs and typed in "filter test"
  • On the right I selected "and" on the drop down, and then + to add another rule
  • Then I selected "To" and "contains", and typed an email address (own of my own for this test).
  • On the "Actions" drop down I selected "Discard Message"
  • Then I Added a 2nd rule as above, named it "noreply" and added an email "[email protected] (which I setup for this test.
Then, in WHMC I sent an email to [email protected], and received it.

I also sent an email to my email address with the subect "filter test" and received it.

In both cases I shouldn't have received it, but did.

how do I get these filters to work?


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Apr 11, 2011