Outgoing Connect Randomly Blocked


May 3, 2021
digital underground
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I really hope to get help with this. I don't know what is going on but basically any of the various outgoing connections are failing and I dont understand why. It has to either be a server network issue or something in Cpanel/WHM that randomly blocks outgoing connections at completely random times of the day. There is no pattern that I can find.

For example, these will randomly "time out":
- Sending an email through AMAZON SES(regardless of port 25, 587) will randomly fail with error: SMTP connect() failed.
- various PHP crons will fail to connect to other remote webservers with completely different servers/locations/etc
- CPanel Imunify360 will sometimes fail with error: Files update failed with error: urllib error while updating files, url: https://files.imunify360.com/static/sigs/v1/description.json, err: <urlopen error _ssl.c:1107: The handshake operation timed out>
- Remote MySQL connections randomly fail with: "MySQL server has gone away" and "Connection timed out"
- Other PHP automated scripts randomly fail with error: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known
- Customers trying to place an order on my server(using standard PayPal PHP API) will get this CURL error: Operation timed out after 30000 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received

My dedicated server has plenty of storage/ram/etc and is:
- CENTOS 7.9
- v94.0.8
- I dont have CSF/LFD installed

I am not sure where even to begin. I contacted my hosting company but they are completely useless regarding any problems. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction for where to look regarding logs that might provide more insight or anything :-/


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! This definitely sounds like networking issues happening outside of your server, especially if they are intermittent as you have mentioned. During the times one of these issues is happening, it would be good to perform a traceroute test to see if you can identify the specific device where the network connection stops working.

You can run this command from your server to perform that test:

traceroute google.com
and that should tell you which devices your connection is able to reach along the way to Google. If it stops at any given point, you can show that to your host to see if they can provide more details.