Outgoing email problem on Cpanel 92

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Windows 7
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Oct 13, 2005
Kolkata, India
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We are having an odd problem with sending mail through Windows 7 computers on CPANEL 92 server.

We bought a new server with CPANEL 92 on Centos 7.x. We migrated a few domains from the old 86 server running on Centos 6.x. After the update, some people are able to send emails but most others are not.

Current scene
After a few chats with data centre personnel and several hours of debates with the clients, We have come to a conclusion that people with windows 7 are having a problem sending emails though people with Windows 10 can.

We tried to use port 587 (the earlier setting) as well as port 465 with SSL/TLS but the connection just does not happen. Incoming mails are working.

Are you aware of any such problem and the corresponding solution?


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Older versions of Windows not being able to send mail is a known issue. You can find many more details on this in our support article here:

so I'd encourage you to read through that option as there are a few different solutions presented. Let me know if you have questions!