Outlook Mobile App Contacts do not Sync

Justin Waters

Feb 2, 2023
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So far the following troubleshooting has been done:
  1. Reset App, Remove/Add User, Check Sync Settings, Create Multiple New Contacts, Restart phone, Attempt on wifi and mobile networks, try iOS and Android. (All Attempts Fail)
  2. Use gmail, iOS, and built-in email apps. (All work)
  3. Create contact via built-in contact manager after adding exchange account through phone system (not via outlook app). (Works)
  4. Creating contacts via Outlook Desktop. (Works)
  5. Modify an existing contact within the Outlook Mobile App. (Works)
The strange thing is when creating a contact it does show the correct account listed. It also states that it's syncing the contact. But is actually synced and there are no errors server side to go look at.

In all cases, we are using Exchange ActiveSync for contacts and calendars. The Outlook mobile app is Microsoft's official application.

Is this a known issue or is there some configuration step I'm missing server or client side that affects ONLY Microsoft's mobile Outlook app?


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I'm a bit confused about this situation, because Exchange ActiveSync isn't part of cPanel, and isn't supported by any cPanel tools. If you need support for that product, it would be best to reach out to Microsoft directly as I doubt many cPanel users are going to have much experience with this piece of software.