Mar 7, 2006

When you create an account in WHM it does not check to see if the domain is currently pointed at a name server you control. Which is good, and would allow me, if I wanted to for example setup "" as an account on my machine.

But once the account is created if I go into cPanel for that account, and try to either park another domain on it, or add an "addon" domain to the account it will check that the url in question is pointed at my name server.

Can this be overridden somehow without multiple visits to editing my DNS zone file in WHM?

I'm in the process of moving a number of accounts from another system over to our VPS, and a number of the accounts in question have multiple domains associated with them and while I can always move the primary domain over without trouble the second or third domains cannot be setup properly on cPanel until the DNS resolves to my system, which is annoying.

I know that I could create a folder on the account like /addondomain and then simply point the addon domain to that folder, but it still means there is downtime for the domain between when it resolves (which doesn't happen universally at the same time) and when I'm able to get cPanel to point to the folder, and as I said, I'd rather not make repeated trips to my DNS zone file.

So is there an over-ride I can flick, or a configuration in WHM that I can alter to streamline this process.

Sorry for the wall of text, I hope I explained what I'm trying to do :)