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Feb 13, 2002
It was never an option.

I do think there needs to be an option to allow resellers to oversell the resources allocated to them.. but not to allow them to actually physically go over the resources allocated to them.

In other words warn them when the calculated bandwidth / disk space physically used by all their customers is coming close, and to suspend all their accounts when it hits the limit unless of course they upgrade their plan.

Well technically you can now do it based on their ip address outside of cpanel, but it should be integrated within cpanel.

There also needs to be a better way to list resellers and the total resources they have used sort of like the &View Bandwidth Usage& but just list the resellers. Also the &View Bandwidth Usage& should group the reseller accounts separately... Instead of mixing them all with the none-reseller accounts...

Right now to view reseller bandwidth usage you have to select each reseller one by one.. Kind of tedious…