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Mar 4, 2002

Can I overserll (reasonable overselling) using WHM on my dedicated server ?

Example :

Total Space on the server : 100 Mb (What kind of server is this ? :D)

My Package : 10 MB/account

Can I create 15 accounts or I am limited to 10 only ? of course I have to add one more drive later as they are getting close to fill up the 100 MB. but will the WHM allow me to create the accounts at the 1st place ?


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Feb 24, 2002
Yes you can oversell

WHM will allow you to sell until the actual disk gets full. The limits you set on each account only apply to the allotment for the account that cannot be exceeded, it doesn't apply to whats actually available on the account which is probably good because if you give you clients 100MB each they will actually average probably much less. It's a numbers game so you actually need to look at you disk usage and leave some space for you client to add contents.