Overwrite custom srv records used by outlook AutoDiscover support


Mar 5, 2019
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Hello, i would like more information on what happens when you put this option to On.

Overwrite custom SRV records used by Outlook AutoDiscover support [?]
When enabled, this setting will remove custom SRV records when Outlook AutoDiscover support is added or removed.

What i do assume is that every dns files on the server will be updated to hold all the necessary SRV records after i click save, and that they will all disapear if i disable autodiscover support.

I also assume they would not create an autodiscover subdomain DNS entry?

So My DNS entries and my e-mails are on two different WHM servers right now.
My bet is that if i tick this option ON and that i create a subdomain entry autodiscover.domainname.com. on my DNS server and make it point to my mail server for which i ticked to overwrite custom SRV the Outlook app will search autodiscover.domain.com and and will querry the mail server indicated for this subdomain for all the other necessary entries on the mail server which is pointed out in the subdomain.

I also have a bonus question, is it possible to support 2 autodiscovers eg. one which points to my mail server and another one for Exchange 365, using a different subdomain name or another technique i am not aware of because i definetly know i cannot have two autodiscover cnames pointing to two different places but is there an alternative in regard to autodiscover?

If any question isnt 100% clear feel free to double check with me as i very much need the answers i am looking for and English isnt my first language and i hope i can still get the answers i am looking for.

Thank you


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Nov 14, 2017
Hello @FrankP

There's a bit more to this in our documentation here: Tweak Settings - Version 78 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Overwrite custom SRV records used by Outlook AutoDiscover support
This setting allows the system to remove any existing custom SRV records whenever the user adds or removes Outlook Autodiscover support.

This setting defaults to Off.
Basically, this is related to any SRV records added when you enable/disable Outlook Autodiscover support.