Packages created dont show when new account is being created in WHM-Pls help!!


Dec 16, 2007

Though I am not a hardcore technical expert when it comes to web hosting but, I have not had any serious problem while using either cPanel or WHM for my reseller account, courtesy all the documentation & tutorials available for both.

However, now I seem to be stuck with a problem which I have so far been unable to resolve. Therefore, I'd appreciate some help on it.

The problem is two fold and relates to creation of packages and new accounts via WHM.

1). PACKAGES:- I created 6 different packages using the WHM, each with a unique name, attributes (disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, etc.) and feature list. After creatiion of each package, the system also confirm that 'the package has been created successfully'.

However, when I want to edit a package to modify one of the parameters, I receive a message saying "_modpkg requires a package name that you have permission to access", after I change the parameter and click at edit. After this, when I view the package where I had changed some parameters, I see that the original package attributes with which the package was created initially still exist and not the changed information.

Please help me understand where I am making a mistake and how I can resolve this. I am quite stuck with this issue.

2). NEW ACCOUNT CREATION:- When I click at 'Create a new account' in WHM, it opens up a page where necessary parameters need to be filled for the new account being created. However, under the 'Resources' tab, the different packages already created by me in WHM do not show in the drop-down list. Instead, the input box is marked in red and at the bottom of the page contains a message (please see attached screenshot)

I don;t seem to be able to figure out on my own where exactly is the root of this problem I am facing. I would be really thankful for whatever help that can be offered to help me overcome this present situation.

Thanks a lot !!!


Rubina Yasmine



Jul 30, 2008
If a reseller is not able to select package while creating a account then please try following fixes.

1. Access reseller center from WHM.

2. In the Reseller Modifications section select the reseller and click on Edit Privileges/Nameservers

3. In "Account Creation Limits" if check box " Limit account creation to pre-assigned packages (all new reseller created packages must be approved in this interface before they can be used by the reseller.)" is checked then Reseller can only use packages that is approved in "Account Creation Limits"

4. Scroll down to see if his package in the list

5. Check the package and enter a number in "Number Allowed". Hope this will work for you