Paid SSL on Domain, Free AutoSSL on Subdomains?

Mar 17, 2016
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Root Administrator
WHM Home >> SSL/TLS >> Manage SSL Hosts

I have a user account using a paid SSL from GoDaddy. Green lock icons show only for the main domain and the www. Is there a way to get AutoSSL to issue certificates for the Red lock icons such as cpanel, mail, etc?

cPanel powered by Comodo enabled.
Allow AutoSSL to replace invalid or expiring non-AutoSSL certificates enabled.

I just enabled the "Allow AutoSSL to replace..." option today and verified the Enable AutoSSL feature is set for the user. I clicked the blue "Run AutoSSL For All Users" button from the Manage AutoSSL window. I see in the logs this:

"This website’s SSL certificate lacks the following domains:,,,,,, AutoSSL will not replace a certificate that an installed AutoSSL provider did not generate unless it expires within 3 days."

Weird that they are listed twice. But can you have both free and paid in use versus say having to buy a wildcard certificate to do the same thing?


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Apr 11, 2011