Oct 19, 2011
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Hey everyone,

Something that I think is getting lost in a lot of this conversation about 'Paper Lantern' and is quite important to keep in mind - Paper Lantern is very much a 'Work-in-Progress'. Now, this is a pretty radical concept, most software companies won't dare show you, let alone allow you to use their software during a process like this. Perhaps this wasn't made clear in the beginning. We are trying to clarify that. What you are seeing is by NO means finished, or even indicative of what the finished Paper Lantern will look like. You are literally seeing Paper Lantern 'in-progress'.

To use an analogy, your literally seeing the sausage being made and right now it's a fairly disturbing scene. There are multiple mentions of 'X4' in the various discussions about Paper Lantern. When Paper Lantern is completed, odds are pretty likely, it will look similar to 'X4'. There were some good lessons learned during the 'X4' process, however one of those lessons; 'X4' was on pace to be finished unacceptably out dated and obsolete. We were going to hit a target a few years behind where we wanted to be. To put it another way, you weren't going to see 'X4' until MAYBE 2016 or 2017 and that just wasn't acceptable for us, or for you.

So now, we've embraced the agile methodology and philosophy, perhaps a bit more zealously than necessary and as a part of that process we are sharing the new cPanel with you from it's messy beginnings in the hopes of collaborating with our users and partners to make sure the next version of cPanel is one we can all be proud of.
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