paper_latern CSS/HTML Question


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Apr 30, 2017
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I customize currently my paper_latern and I have a few questions,

First, what I can see from the CSS the theme has no wrapper that wraps all components of the design like navbar, sidebar, content.. these 3 elements are not wrapped into one div so I was forced to edit every element to center the entire theme with space left and right,

What I did was on
navbar content & wrap add CSS
max-width: 1200px
margin: 0 Auto
sidebar: left: auto

and cpanel_body: 3000px

What is your approach to center paper_latern is there any better method?

And my second question is about adding HTML elements, I can't find any info in the docs or video how I can add my own HTML to paper_latern, for example, I want above the navbar_cpanel my own header section, is this possible and how I can do this?



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @zalocus,

We recommend following the steps documented on the link below when customizing the cPanel interface:

Guide to cPanel Interface Customization and Branding - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Additionally, the following tutorial includes information about UI includes that appears to answer your question about adding custom content to the header or footer of the cPanel interface:

Tutorial - Create a Custom cPanel Style - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

If a specific change isn't working as documented, let us know the specific code change you are making and the step-by-step reproduction steps for us to use when reproducing the issue internally.

Thank you.