Paradise Designs CPANEL Issues....


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Sep 24, 2001

I thought I would post an update on the Paradise Designs CPANEL issue....

1.) Have they paid their bill? NO, PowerSurge has not received payment from them as of 5pm (CST) July 1, 2002.

2.) How late were they? The bill for the month was due June 8th. Payment was not received 2 weeks in a row after repeated attempts to collect and on week 3 an ultimatum was put in place with an additional week to pay the bill. All consequences were clearly defined on a daily basis. TimPD failed to pay knowing in advance what would happen and it did!

3.) Has Paradise Designs attempted to pay PowerSurge? Yes they have asked to pay via credit card but also threatened a charge back, thus PowerSurge requested a money order FedEx'ed to them to re-activate CPANEL Licenses. To date PowerSurge has not received confirmation that payment has been sent.

4.) Has PowerSurge and DarkOrb worked with customers that have had downed services? Yes, we have worked hand in hand with a number of hosting providers to either restore service directly through PowerSurge and other companies?

PowerSurge is a friendly hosting company that worked with TimPD quite extensively; we produced him a customized billing solution to meet his needs. He missed 5/7 payments on time and each time payment was due PowerSurge had to go out and seek it. While PowerSurge certainly understands the trouble caused by disabling a large amount CPANEL Licenses, we did do our best to work with TimPD. PowerSurge bent almost every policy it has on billing to accommodate the young Kentuckian!

PowerSurge asked for the help of DarkOrb to help facilitate this, it seems when TimPD found out he was getting the plug pulled he had intentions of simply moving his Licenses to another provider. The Licenses are currently locked at our request until payment for the month of June is made.

If you are one of the many web hosting companies affected by TimPD's lack of responsibility, you have a 3 options to get back up and running.....

a.) Get in contact with a &listed& CPANEL Provider and have them e-mail me directly for release of your license.

b.) Contact PowerSurge and sign up for your CPANEL License directly.

c.) Hold and out hope TimPD sends a money order to have the Licenses released.

If you are a Partner NOC or a Distributor beware of Timmy Petty or be prepared to pay his CPANEL bill month to month while you wait to get payment for him.

If you are a web host client who received service from TimPD please know that many other good providers are available to meet your needs, check out and post your specifications, you will get a ton of good people wanting to host your site.

Aaron Phillips
Vice President of Sales
PowerSurge Technologies, Inc.


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Feb 8, 2002
Boston MA
Yes Aaron ,

Timmy has to be the biggest con artist I ever met. He been ripiing people off over on WHT wa to much. This issue I'm sure has Nick pissed off. This issue is making cpanel look bad. If Tim attempts to even get back into licensing her better do it under a new company name. Right now his name is mud.

He has no reason to even attempt to defend himself. This issue could have been avoided. Lets hope he goes out of business casue that's what he deserves.

Sorry for the rant but I've seen this guy rip people off left and right.

On a side note best luck to Aaron and Travis on recovering your possible loses.


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Aug 13, 2001
Recovering completely will be basically an impossibility- but we're not complaining.

Just take this post as a warning to everybody out there that is in a similar situation. What a gigantic waste of time. Unbelievable. That's the biggest &loss& in the entire situation. All the time....

Hopefully he can move on with his existence and attempt to build a successful business in an honest fashion.

I'm glad to have this almost completely in our rear view mirror now. Rejoice !


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Aug 10, 2001
Best of luck to the people affected by this issue. There is nothing worse than a problem that you did not create but was some un-honest person trying to make a quick buck.

Makes me sick. It hashappend to us all, we all get through it. Chin up chaps.



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Aug 14, 2001
back woods of NC, USA
reminds me of the old &True Hosting& story from years back.:-(


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Apr 23, 2002
How exactly did Tim and PD get trusted to sell licenses?

I don't see them listed as a verified distributor or partner NOC.


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Sep 23, 2001
They were not...

PD was not a distributor or partner NOC. They were just buying licenses from a distributor and reselling them.