Pardus linux distribution, fastest reboot


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Nov 6, 2003

I would like to inform you about a new linux distribution, named ad Pardus, supported by TUBITAK - The Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkiye.

Official web site:

Official English web site:

Abstract: For a long time, Linux has been blamed to boot slowly, compared to other modern operating systems. In this article, we are going to focus on a new init system we developed for our Pardus Linux distribution, Mudur, together with other initiatives that are worth mentioning. Mudur is written from scratch in Python with simplicity, speed and maintainability in mind. It isn't a replacement for the /sbin/init command like some other alternatives, nor just a parallel script executor. Mudur greatly simplified our boot process, making it faster and more flexible. Authors look forward for future boot process research for further improvement and optimizations.

It is not a lite version, full linux distribution and has fastest reboot time. I would like to inform Cpanel staff that it may be good idea to check whether Pardus may be a good server candiate for Cpanel users too.