Feb 17, 2021
South Africa
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Hi There!

Would someone please help me understand the correct way of parking a domain...

I don't want clients to be able to create email addresses for aliases (parked domains used to not be able to do that, but see aliases can now create email addresses as well?)

Also how is it possible to park domains for clients (at no monthly charge) but still enable them to fully mange their own DNS entries? This obviously can't be done, if i let WHMCS create a sepreate account for each domain parking, as I would incur additional cost from cPanel as it creates an additional account?

Your help or guidance in the right direction will be greatly appreciated!


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! With the current way cPanel functions there is not a way to fulfill your requirements. When you create the Alias the user would be able to create email accounts for that domain as long as they have cPanel access.

No matter how the domain Alias is created, either through cPanel or through the WHM >> Park a Domain page, the user can still create an email account.

The main cPanel user would be able to manage the DNS information through the Zone Editor even if the account is just an alias, but that email account option will always be present.

If you'd like to see an option to disable email creation for certain domains that sounds like a good feature request, which you can submit using the link in my signature.