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Dec 13, 2003
Foo.com is the main domian on this users account.

1) I park foo.org on foo.com
2) I go to park foo.net on foo.com and instead park it on foo.org

When I go to list parked domains to unpark the .net from the .org so I can add it to the .com where it belongs it does not show up.

I can find no other place to unpark the name for another parked domain.

When I go into the Park a Domain area, the .net IS listed in the left side (the master list of names).

How in the living hell do I get rid of a parked name that parked on top of anotehr parked name?

Website Rob

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Mar 23, 2002
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If you try the command posted by Nick and still no joy, try this:

'root' WHM > DNS Functions > Delete a DNS Zone : foo.net

Then, manually edit your httpd.conf file to remove any information related to foo.net
Restart Apache.