Parked domain only partially working


Apr 3, 2011
So I've just got my first ever virtual server, and I have access to everything. This of course means, I also have to set everything up.....and I might not have done this correctly.

I have my website up and running.
I can get to it by typing OR

I also have another domain name that I want to park
I've gone into the cpanel for xyz and parked

If I type I end up at (all good)
If I type I go to the default WHM page - (BAD)

I don't understand how to set it up so I can type and end up at the my website

Please help


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Oct 2, 2010
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You might be cached and that's why one is working and the other one isn't. If you use a proxy such as or and type, do you show the default page or do you show your main domain's site?

Next, when you parked, you did park it as that and not as Home Page, right? Domains need to be added without the www portion, since we automatically create the www subdomain on any domain. I've seen users in WHM park a domain with and cause the non-www one not to work.