Parked Domains and Email


Nov 20, 2001

I have read the files in WHM News with regard to Email and Parked/Add-on domains:
cPanel 5 Prep The cPanel 5 mail system is almost ready to be shipped. This new system will allow pop accounts for addon and parked domains as well as webmail for the addon and parked domains. The conversion from cPanel 4 mail to cPanel 5 mail requires that the system &link& function work for each user. Some systems have grsecurity and/or other security software that may prevent this system function from working properly. Sysadmins are advised to ensure that normal users can create a hard link to a file that they own before upgrading to cPanel 5. If your system has a broken &link& function, you will not be able to take advantage of this upgrade.
(4.9.0 build 64 or later only)
/scripts/checklink will tell you if this function is working correctly. (run in a root ssh session)
We are running cPanel 5 and our links are function properly. Have I misread something? Is this function not yet available? If it is available, how can I impliment it?

Pam Gram