Parking a domain on an unresolved host


Dec 8, 2003
Here's the situation, tell me if I'm crazy.

I've read through some forums and figured out that my provider probably has some Tweak Settings set such that I cannot park a domain name that is not legit.

However, that's not exactly what I'm trying to do.

Say I have a legit domain name

I create an account for a new client and give it the name
This client has not yet registered their domain name, but I'd like to give them access to their account so that they can get things up and running before the name even propogates.

I try parking onto the new account

This should work! Even if there's a security risk parking unresolved names, the fact is, I just created an account with an unresolved name, who cares what I park on top of it as long as what I'm parking on top of it is legit. would allow my client instant access to their site via my registered domain name.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for how to accomplish instant access to a new account that does not yet have a propogated domain name. The sites I resell do not get their own IP address, so I cannot just have my user go to an IP address to begin preparations. I need another way.