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Aug 10, 2001
Ok, in WHM if you select the sub-domain from the list and then enter the domain name and click to park it, none of the settings get setup automatically (some error in the form makes it think that the subdomains are really the domains).

Work around.. Instead of selecting the subdomain from the list, I just enter it into the text field provided and then enter the domain name and click to park it. This works, however below are problems I have yet to find a workaround for.

1) The domains parked on the sub-domains do not show up in the parked domains list. This way you can enable the domain to show up in the user control panel for mail, but not possible....

2) There isn't anyway I could find to setup email forwarding for the parked domain. I tried adding a domain file in the valias directory with *: username - however that didn't help at all so I must be missing some other place where I need to setup the mail. I'm thinking add the domain to the localdomains file, right? Anywhere else you guys can think of just to enable the mail forwarding part?

This has been reported as a bug by several hosts... hasn't gotten fixed yet so that's why I am looking for some work-arounds. thanks ;)