Partial home folder restore


Feb 19, 2015
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Hello there

I'm migrating some domains from my old whm to the new one, I do so by backuping home folder, db and forwarders and restoring them in the new whm.

So far so good, i successfuly migrated all of them except 2 big domains that have a backup size of 1.8GB and 2.9GB.

When i restored these backups in the new whm i found out that almost half of the data hasn't been restored, i see the correct number of email accounts in the Stats column but if i try to look for them in the Email Accounts section i can't see them.
In the filemanager of the new server I also noticed that there are way less files and folders, some of them are empty or sized 0KB, which is actually not their size in the old filemanager.

I tried backing up and restoring multiple times by now, even recreating the account in the new whm, but nothing changed the partial result of the restore.

Am i doing something wrong?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Do you notice any error messages when packaging the account or restoring it through the command line? EX:

/scripts/pkgacct $username
/scripts/restorepkg $username
Have you considered using the "Transfer Tool" option offered in Web Host Manager?

Thank you.