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Mar 2, 2010
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I have password aging enabled, on a 30 day cycle.
On the 30th day, a client is taken to the password management page.
Cool, doing what it's supposed to do here.

However, when the client enters a new password, and hits submit, he/she gets a popup that says password must be more than 5 characters in length.
Because i kind of did not beleive the client, I did a screen sharing session with him, to what what "he" was doing wrong. As it turns out he was doing everything right. cPanel is failing to register the new passwords properly.

We tried text only
Text with symbols
text with symbols and numbers
Made sure each was in excess of 12 characters and would meet minumum pass strangth settings (40)

Got the same error on each one, we tried to enter. It's not a matter of the original password being under 5 character either, as it was over 10 characters in length.

WHM 11.30.4 (build 6)


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Bug reports are now exclusively handled via our internal bug reporting system. Please open a case if you are experiencing this issue by using the following URL:

Submit A Bug Report

I encourage anyone experiencing this issue to submit a report because the more reports we get, the higher the priority this issue will receive.

Thank you.
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