password protecting a sub category not working


Jul 8, 2016
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In CPanel i have setup password protection via "Directory Privacy". I have a website which is live and within the root folder i have a subcategory which i am trying to password protect.

I open Directory Privacy and go to Public_html and then click back and then go to the subcategory and then i set the name and check password protect this directory and i add a username and password.

The padlock shows in the tree showing the subcategory is protected, however when i go to the url/subcat it just returns a 404 error page from the root website. If i take password protection off, i can then access the subcategory fine.


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Oct 19, 2012
Orlando, FL
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The root level of your account is not publicly accessible via your browser. If you only have the one site, then everything should be within the public_html folder, so create your subfolder inside the public_html folder and then set the directory privacy.

You can have a folder outside the public_html folder accessible if you created a sub-domain or add-on domain and pointed to a folder not located within public_html.
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